Digital Marketing Strategist | SEO Specialist

Proficiency in On/Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email & Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Content Management Systems (CMS), Consumer Business Analysis, enhancing traffic results within the E-Commerce Industry.

• Digital Marketing
     – Social Media
     – Online Advertising
     – Newsletter Publications
• Content Management Systems
     – Magento
     – WordPress
     – Drupal
• Adobe Suite
     – Photoshop
     – Illustrator
• Email Automation
     – Marketo
     – Mailchimp

• Web & UX Design
• Brand Development
• Research Analysis and Report Building
• Google Analytics (GA4) & Adobe Analytics
• Leadership and Management Capabilities
     – Project Management
     – Public Communication
• Copywriting
• Video Marketing
• Content Creation

Digital Marketing Manager
Dec 2013 – May 2023

• Proficiently managed Ad Campaigns on platforms like Google
Ads, Meta Marketing, and MailChimp.
Diligently monitor and analyze campaign performance, conduct
statistical analysis, and optimize traffic quality.
• Skillfully update blogs, social media channels, and eCommerce
websites using Magento for enhanced user experience.
• Create captivating digital and print designs to reinforce the brand’s
image across storefront, eCommerce, and promotional events,
driving mission awareness.

VMR Products, LLC
Affiliate Business
Feb 2013 – Aug 2018

• Proactively establish and nurture business relationships by
leveraging our affiliate program to effectively promote company
• Conduct in-depth statistical analysis for over 300+ campaigns,
ensuring top-notch traffic quality and performance.
• Diligently monitor and enforce VMR terms of service to ensure all
affiliates comply with the Federal Trade Commission regulations.

World NetMedia, LLC
Affiliate Content Management
Oct 2007 – Feb 2013

• Cultivate strong business relationships through strategic
implementation of our affiliate programs.
• Efficiently oversee and manage 15+ affiliate galleries, monitoring site
traffic and conversions to drive optimal results.